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Start Developing Android Apps Today

Do you have a great idea for an application and you wish to develop it for Android platform? but you do not know where to start. I agree, it's often confusing when you want to start developing for a new platform. It's obvious that you need tools in order to create your application. But what are these tools and where can you find them.

To be very concise, here is what you need:

Integrated Development Environment

First of all you need to get an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) such as Elipse or NetBeans both of them are open source software. Personally, I use Eclipse for Android development and NetBeans for J2ME applications. Just to mention that NetBeans has Android plug in. So, the choice of an IDE depends of you.

IDEs: Eclipse and Netbeans

Eclipse IDE

Eclipse IDE can be downloaded from  Eclipse website.

NetBeans IDE

NetBeans IDE can be downloaded from NetBeans website.

Android SDK (Software Development Kit)

Second you need Android SDK (Software Development Kit). The SDK contains development tools with required libraries to build your applications, sample projects with source code to get started and an emulator to test your applications.

Now you should be wondering what programming language used to write your applications. The answer is Java. If you want to avoid a lot of coding then you need to use XML too. I will explain that in detail later when I show you an application example.

You are one step from getting Android SDK. To do so, I would like to share a link to the page that describes in step by step tutorial how to install the Android SDK and set up your development environment for the first time.

The Android SDK can be downloaded from Setup of Android SDK and development environment This concludes today tutorial and I hope this helps. In the next tutorial I will show you an application example.

Android has proven itself to be very strong and android is the main competitor of Apple iPhone.