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Windows explorer has stopped working

This error is related to windows vista. The probability is very high to get this error when using windows vista. It seems Microsoft has no fix for it.

Removable Media

Before going in details I would like to provide you with a quick overview of what is a removable media.

In its simplest manner, a removable media is any type of storage device that can be removed from a computer while the system is running or the system is powered off. The following shows some examples of the removable media:

Memory card or flash card

This type of removable media consists of devices such as SD (secure digital card) and CF (Comapctflash card)

USB Flash drives

USB stands for Universal serial bus. It's used for data storage and it's a plug-and-play interface in modern computers and devices that support it such as mobile phones or smartphones, audio players and so on.

Optical discs

They are removable media such as CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

There are other types of removable media that I didn't mention here.

Now, the question is what causes the error Windows Explorer has stopped working?
Well, the most probable things that can cause this error are listed below:

You may be using an outdated or corrupted video driver.
in this case you must update your video driver.

System files on your PC may be corrupted or mismatched with other files.
To fix this issue, visit Microsoft site and search for the System files fix.

You may have a Virus or Malware infection on your PC.
In this case you must have an anti-virus installed on your computer and run it to scan your computer. There are
a good free anti-virus on the internet. Try to google for " Anti-virus free edition" and find out which one is suitable
to you.

Some applications or services running on your PC may be causing Windows Explorer to stop working.

The above are suggestions and overview. But, the core or the main purpose of this article is to show you how to get rid of the error Windows Explorer has stopped working when trying to browse a files on removable media or in o folder on your PC. This is a nightmare error since it closes your explorer and you can't do anything. Imagine you have a SD card from your camera, iPhone, Android phone or any other device with interesting pictures and videos but you can not get them out of there.

So, to help you get rid of the error Windows Explorer has stopped working and also help you to get
your pictures and videos from your SD card or any removable media such USB, CDs, DVDs and so on or even a folder in your computer, follow the instructions bellow:

Just a word before going into the detail, in this article, I'll be referring to SD (secure digital card) card but the same instructions apply to any removable media or folder.

I have two suggestions to fix the error Windows Explorer has stopped working.

Suggestion 1: Share the media

In this case you need a local connection. If you're connected to the Internet then you already have it.

Here is the scenario: You have an SD card from your camera, and when inserted into your PC, you try to browse the files
and the nightmare error Windows Explorer has stopped working pops up and closes your explorer. To fix this, do the following on your windows.

1- go to Start and then select Computer
2- Higlight your SD card and click on the right button of the mouse and the select share
3- Click advanced sharing on the resulting dialog box and answer yes to the user account control if prompted
4- Check the case share this folder
5- Give it a name in the sharing name section
6- Click on permissions
7- click add and then add your username or a group and then give permissions Full Control
8- Click Ok and then Close

Now your SD card is shared, what to do next is to gain access to it. But how?

Here is how to get access to SD card (secure digital card) and retrieve your stuff.

1- go to Start and then select Network
2- Find Network on the left side of the window that has just oppened
3- Click the small arrow to expand it
4- Select your SD card that will be listed with sharing name you gave in the above procedure

That's it!!? and now you are able to browser your files and retrieve them. But, the corrupted file that is causing the
issue is still out there. If you select the corrupted file the explorer will respond with the nightmare error Windows
Explorer has stopped working and closes. So, you have to delete this file or files. I suggest not to delete the file,
but instead copy it somewhere else and try to open the file on other operating systems than windows vista since the
issue is related to windows vista. Now, how to copy or delete the file? Note that it's not possible to delete files form
read only media such as CDs and DVDs

The best way is to do it via prompt shell. Here is how:

1- Click on start then type cmd into the textbox then press Enter
2- A command line window appears, from here switch to the file location using cd command
3- From here you can copy the file to another location or delete it.

if you are not familiar with cd, copy del commands, try to google for "cd tutorial" there are a tons of good tutorials.

Suggestion 2: Disabling thumbnails

This solution consists in disabling thumbnails and it works very good. However, you will not be able to see the reduced
size of your pictures.

To turn thumbnails off, follow these steps:

1- Click the Start button then open the Control Panel
2- Select and Open Folder Options and click the View tab
3- Check  Always show icons, never thumbnails under Files and Folders
4- Click Apply, then OK

That's all.

I hope this help.